Bringing perspective and varied expertise

As part of his onboarding programme, Daniel Winter from REHAU gave us a client’s perspective on what an external marketing agency like us can bring to the table. The whole day emphasised the importance of doing the hard work in getting to know a client’s business and the sector they operate in:

“In August 2019 I started a new position with REHAU UK as Digital Marketing Coordinator. As part of my induction process I had an introductory session with EBY Design to learn about their well-established and successful relationship with REHAU UK

“The session was led by Chris Dingley, EBY’s Marketing Director, who gave me the chance to meet the whole team working at EBY in different specialist areas. I learnt about the relationship between EBY and REHAU UK, and their successful collaboration on the launch of REHAU’s Rio Flush Fit Window to the UK windows market.

“Having had no previous experience of working with external agencies I found the entire session fascinating and came away with an understanding of the relationship and why the collaboration has proved to be a success. Now two months on, I feel that this initial session with EBY provided me with an invaluable insight into not only the agency-client relationship, but also the market as a whole. Moving forward in my position I cannot wait to utilise EBY’s professional perspective and team up on future projects.”

Posted on: 23 October, 2019 | Under Branding, Partnership |