Google are making major changes which could affect your website in January 2017

If your website contains an online shop requires a login, you have until January 2017 to install an SSL certificate on your website.

Google will warn your visitors to indicate your website is unsecure, potentially losing you valuable visitors.

Google are already started penalizing sites that DON’T have an SSL certificate in place by reducing ranking positions, in January 2017 Google will tighten their rules even more, so you need to act now.

Even if your website doesn’t have a login we would still highly recommend having an SSL Certificate installed as it will enhance your ranking position.

What is an SSL?

In a nutshell, an SSL certificate is a way of encrypting websites to make them safer to use and less likely to be hacked. If a website has an SSL certificate installed, a “padlock” and the protocol “https” are present in the address bar.

What you need to do now

Firstly, don’t panic, if your website is currently hosted with us the good news is you don’t really have to do anything except let us know you would like an SSL certificate on your website. Once you let us know we will do the rest and make sure your website is 100% encrypted and secure ready for the changes in January.

We would strongly advise you read the full announcement from Google for further information.
To read the announcement click here

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