Exhibiting with a plan?

Judging by the number of exhibitions our clients and we have attended so far this year, there really is no substitute for the hands on experience that trade events and exhibitions provide.

Top of the list of reasons why people go to shows is no surprise: networking (82%).  Dig deeper, then the full scale of the opportunity becomes evident: learning (71%), entertainment (38%), self-improvement (37%) and time out of the office (16%) (EventMB, 2018).

In short, events aren’t just about selling, but about engagement, information and connection.

What does this mean exactly?



Well, whatever sector we’ve worked with, allowing visitors to interact with a product ticks all the connection and engagement boxes – from simple product testing to more extravagant or immersive experiences.  We understand that not everyone has huge budgets to play with, but if you’ve gone through the expense of exhibiting, it’s worth giving the opportunity some thought, no matter how simple the execution.

As well as custom built stands that best showcase a product, some of our most effective ideas have been simple.

One of our clients last year celebrated a huge anniversary which they wanted to ‘launch’ at an equally huge quarrying exhibition.  Budgets were tight; the environment was challenging and very crowded, and customers were knowledgeable and very no-nonsense. The most successful element of the stand we created were simple, printed photo albums… with lots of coffee.  They created endless topics of conversation and a post-exhibition momentum all of their own.

Lastly, although not strictly within our remit, we always encourage clients to pick their best people to man the stand itself, not just who’s available.  Often, a clients’ best competitive advantage is its customer service. However, if this is not demonstrated on the stand, all the effort and expense could be wasted.



While the stand and experience is always the main focus of our efforts, there are, of course, other significant tactics we’d encourage everyone to explore and use which are not reliant on having large budgets. PR and social media before, during and after the exhibition itself can provide clients with great exposure and publicity. As in turn does making the best use of the organiser’s listings – whether on their website or show guides.  Simple, face to face interaction with your target audience also provides the opportunity to capture relevant marketing data and grow your mailing list.


So, no matter what budget you have to work with, we’re on hand to make the space you’ve booked your own.

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